You always make me happy when i am feeling down,

You always make me laugh, you are my very own clown.

You put up with my snoring and screaming when i see a bug,

You look after me when i am ill and give me a big hug.

You are always so kind to others and easy to talk to,

And just like the birds i want to be close to you.

I love the way you smile at me when you are thinking something cheeky,

And how at times you can be so sneaky.

I love the way you get excited about your mini,

Even though to me it is only a car thingy.

I love spending time with you no matter where we are,

Because with you is my heaven and you are my special star.

You will always be my superman, my knight in shinning armour,

Because with you i always feel safe and have never been calmer.

My heart belongs ro you and there it will always stay,

Because you are my bestest friend and it will always be that way.

I love everything about you all the things you say and do,

But mostly i love you just for being you!


Mother Wolf.


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