Hey Mr Ginger cat,

You do make me laugh,

I’ve never seen anything so fat,

And boy do you need a bath.

Hey Mr Ginger tom,

Have you eaten many mice?

I wonder where you come from?

I hope you dont have lice.

Hey Mr Ginger kitty,

Dont you have a home?

I bet you would look pretty,

If i only had a comb.

Hey Mr Ginger kitten,

Why are your paws so mucky?

Were you fighting a dog and got bitten?

I bet you were lucky.

Hey Mr Ginger pussy,

Does nobody want you?

I suppose people can be fussy,

And you need a bath or two.

Hey Mr Ginger moggy,

I cant leave you behind,

So your fur is a little foggy,

And your smell is unkind.

Hey Mr Ginger stripes,

How about some milk?

No more sleeping in dirty pipes,

I will give you a bed of silk.

Hey My Ginger four legged friend,

No more rumaging in bins,

For on me you can depend to buy you whiskers in tins.

Hey My Ginger tabby,

I will take care of you,

From now on you will be happy,

And have plenty of baths too.

Hey My Ginger feline,

You’ll be safe with me,

Because now you are mine,

And will be spoilt as can be.

Hey My Ginger stray,

They may say you are too fat,

But i love you anyway my lovely ginger cat.


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