This is very new to me. I have decide to start this blog because i love writing, whether it be stories, poems, thoughts and feelings, lists or planners. I normally like the feel of holding a pen and writing the words on paper, but i thought why not try it this way. Already i am loving the sound of the typing of keys and seeing the words appear on screen as i think them. I have had quite a few things happen in my life over the past years that i have had no control over, this has effected me in so many ways. I will share more about the events in time. But for now this is going to be my cave of secrets. My place of expression and where my imagination and feelings can roam free. This will be my moon so to speak that i can howl to, and anyone who should stumble across my cave of blogs will hear the howl. I cant promise i will be any good at this, ive never really shared my stories and poems before, especially not on something like this. I suffer from grief, depression and anxiety. I feel this will help me to channel my feelings and cope. Hope you enjoy what you read.

Mother wolf.


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