Drip, drop, drip, drop is the sound in my head,

Snuggled and warm in my surround makes me want to stay in bed.

Gushing, slushing, wooshing, the rain keeps pouring down,

For the flowers it may be a blessing but me it makes me frown.

Splosh, splash, splish, little duckies have their fun,

I can swim like a fish but i would rather have some sun.

Big black clouds fill the sky as i look out of my window,

Maybe i would enjoy it more if i was a little minow.

I watch people getting wetter and wetter, i saw someone slip in the mud,

I’d swear i had seen an ark go by as the streets began to flood.

Rain rain go away! You are ruining my mood,

I had planned to go for a picnic and already packed the food.

Just then i saw a ray of light, a glimpse of hope it may be,

Could it be the sun coming out? I wait patiently to see.

Then just like magic the pitter patter stops, water dissapearing down the drain,

Could it be all the wishing i have done that finally stopped the rain?

Suddenly something beautiful high in the sky starts to show,

Why look at that, what a lovely sight its a colourful rainbow.

So now there’s a smile back on my face, i wont waste one moment more,

I must go outside and enjoy the day like i never have before.

So when you see a rainy day and it makes you sad and blue,

Remember the sun isn’t far away and it will always return to you.


Mother Wolf.


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